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       Here in the beautiful Sonoran desert lies a wondrous sacred canyon teeming with wildlife amid sheer canyon walls with plenty of water and solitude for generations of free thinkers, artisans, and academia to come live, visit and collaborate. Brother Raven wakes me up in the morning cackling about all manner of things whilest his smaller brother the Gila Woodpecker, I call the Buddha bird, clangs on everything that will make a noise to hurry me up. Work to do, work to do, they remind me, but while I always listen, I will not be hurried for quality takes time and a good cup of coffee helps the blood circulate through these old bones. Wisdom does not come from running around willy nilly scattered in all directions, but from listening and paying attention to details, and a healthy old age is not the folly of a misspent youth, but the collections of little scraps of wisdom garnered from trial and error over and over again. There is more than 100 sq. miles of open high desert to roam around in, with hidden water holes and old ruins scattered about. I Joseph have built the infrastructure for a safe haven here in the desert to one day hold a community of two hundred people and with future expansion and a lot of help one day we can make a real difference. The Joseph Foundation offers a place to contemplate and share ideas, while working out some of life's problems, but it's goal is to collect talented dedicated people who share a common goal to help change the world for the future and help give meaning to their lives. People need goals and dreams to have purpose and to feel they can make a difference in an out of control world. With meaning and purpose in their lives people can adjust to a world without dependence on drugs or alcohol to alleviate the sad moments and get lost in altered states of being. Because we are not whole without all our parts, the refrain "no man is an island" is true because humanity is a community of individualistic parts that must contribute to the whole in order to survive and evolve. We can not hope to engage the world if we don't put our collective thoughts together by conversing with all parts of society. We are the dominant species that has emerged from the past to control and use all the resources on earth. Our society is broken because we do not look after the welfare of our fellow human beings, instead the world has become a dog eat dog world in which the top dog dominates, kind of reminds you of our evolution to this point. This cycle from the past must be broken if we are to use all our parts and resources and move forward as a collective whole. Foundations of great wealth have been formed by very caring and concerned parties to fund a great variety of human interests and fields of study in medicine and science, but hardly is a foundation founded that promotes people more than funds.

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Castle Hot Springs

        My name is Charles Joseph Wilson and the Foundation is called Josephs because my father loved to inspire me as a child telling me the story of Joseph from the Old Testament. As I grew into adulthood I was not perfect and I realized that the scriptures from the Bible were not perfect also. As I questioned my elders in the various denominations of the Christian Community about the things that were written about slavery and usury and how God favored one community over another, I realized that this was not God's doing but man's. So...much later in life I set out to discover many universal truths for myself and one night as I was looking up into the amazing array of stars in the night sky it came to me how we are all connected. Stardust is the building block of all things in this universe and as I viewed the night sky I could feel the presence of a greater being that encompassed all the stars and the universe itself. I understood that we are all but one small part of Creation and the Creator is this body of work we call our Universe. This is now my faith in God as the Creator, and as many of the ancient communities of the past felt this same great Spirit they too felt how everything is connected. Some people call me a visionary and others call me a healer, all I know is how good I feel and how well I am connected to this Universe. This world we live on called Earth could use the help of Truth Seekers in all walks of life as they become agents of change for good. To this end I have devoted the creation of Josephs Foundation to be a meeting place for all good progressive minded people who wish to make a difference in this world and our evolution, so that we can all learn how to share our resources and find a cleaner and more beneficial path to a future that is bathed in cooperation and greater equity for all.

       There is a very famous property adjacent to mine called Castle Hot Springs that is known for its comforting crystal clear hot water. I have included a video made by CBRE for directions to CHS that can be accessed on lower truth jpg symbol.  The recently auctioned off the property of Castle Hot Springs was bought by the Watts family and my address is half a mile before Castle Hot Springs. It would be nice to set up adventures to help develop Josephs Foundation along with its (501) (c) (3) non profit status in this beautiful country that would benefit members along with myself that could include a horse riding operation with wrangler that I myself could set up as well as ecotours of the surrounding country of which I have over 90 acres now. My Dad Charlie Wilson was the last head wrangler at the hotel when it burnt down in 1976, and I have lived in the area for the last 40 years. I believe in the healing waters of the hot springs and have spent a great many days there soaking in their wondrous waters. I am a visionary as well as a healer, but I spend most of my money developing the land and buying up acres in the area. This place is one of the true treasures of Arizona and it has passed through the hands of several people and companies since being donated to Arizona State University in the 70's after a major fire burnt down the 80 room horseshoe hotel that housed most of the guests when my Dad was the last head wrangler there in 1976. I have been settled here close to this property since shortly after my Dad bought property with friends while working as the wrangler for all the guests including the Kennedy's for overnight camp outs in the Hieroglyphic Mountains surrounding the hotel property. I have kept investing in this land around here even unto this moment and helping the caretakers when ever they needed me to repair, trim, seed, or even cleanup the hot pools if needed which is very rarely as these springs in my opinion are of the best mineral and clarity properties in the world. I have found the waters to be very healing and beneficial to the aches and pains I get from leading a life of arduous work mainly building the enormous rock walls to protect Josephs Foundation headquarters in 4 tanks canyon. I know there are many good people in the world today that are conscious of humanities many faults and problems and have their own platforms from which to work, so I wish to add this foundation that I am creating to stand alongside the worthy efforts of the wonderful people from all walks of life who are giving their all in helping to make changes. Josephs Foundation is a dream for all humanity that is being built by the efforts of one person up to this moment but will die without the help of others. My days upon this earth are growing fewer and I have much to complete before I go, so I am looking for the next generation of unselfish people who are like minded and wish to effect change over time that will eventually restore harmony and guide the human species through the possible next stage of evolution. If you are interested in helping, contact me at this website or mail me a letter to 6090 E. Castle Hot Springs Rd., Morristown, AZ. 85342 in the name of Joseph or Josephs Foundation. AMEN