Imagine if you would a world wherein all religions were tolerant of each other because they realized that the common thread they all share is the goodness they feel within themselves with an awareness of a higher authority or plain of existence. Imagine when the first campfire was lit under an open sky with the twinkling stars magnificently arrayed above, and dawn of reality finally took hold questioning "where do I come from," and "how did I get here?" Man's quest for the unknown has always been with him and for many the question of "am I really just an accident?" is intolerable. We wish to belong to a purposeful design in which we are given a destiny. Because religion probably feels it knows better than most other disciplines the frailties and imperfections of mankind, it has always looked for perfection in a higher authority called God who is responsible for creation. If God is goodness than creation must be the same. Now imagine God is manifested in all the goodness found inside each of us, need we look anywhere else for the solutions we need to become the best we can be? We have had the solution to our salvation and evolution inside us from the very beginning, even from the dawn of time. Imagine a future in which the only true temple to god that existed was recognized inside each of us, and churches and other houses of worship would become meeting places to do acts of goodwill and charity and to recognize God's will is being done through the goodness of humankind and the diversity of our rich cultures and races. There is something good in all of us and we need only to expel the badness to realize it. Creation and evolution are but two sides of the same coin, and human beings now are experiencing an accelerating pace of growth that will enable them to evolve to the next stage of existence with self discipline, that hopefully they can realize if they don't self destruct first. Imagine a future in which all sentient beings felt the goodness and purpose of being alive was to uphold a standard of conduct that did not fringe upon the welfare of others.

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       Imagine if you would a world in which all the rich people that plant pretty flowers in their yards instead planted fruit and nut trees and gardens to capacity, who would feel the hunger and despair of their more unfortunate fellow humans and donate all the produce to alleviate some of the suffering of the world. What if city parks, community centers, schools, and all open space owned by the people was made beautiful with such things as cherry trees, apricots, peaches, walnuts, pecans and other trees which yield so much goodness and nutrition? If everyone that has a house and land would plant all their yards with varieties of fruits, nuts, and vegetables and give all the extra produce to a world food bank there would be no more hunger in the world today. Imagine a world that limited individual wealth to a few million and not many billions and donated all their extra wealth to a worldwide education and health fund that would wipe out ignorance and greatly alleviate sickness while giving hope for a better world by improving the lots of their more unfortunate brothers and sisters. By more evenly distributing wealth more money would be in the hands of many who would spend it widely at a greater pace creating a new richer and more just society built upon more equality. How much the world would admire and respect the contributions of the few to the many and how good would the fortunate feel about themselves when they could see the real difference they make, because the heart of humanity is basically good and feels best when giving.

       Imagine if every parent of their first new born child realized how lucky they were to have contributed a valuable new member to society and helped do their part to control world population by limiting the number of their siblings. Imagine if children were so precious that all of society would look to their welfare and nurture their growth to help them realize how valuable and needed they are. With the world population now at close to seven billion humans and the rate of new births three times that of deaths, only Japan with a declining population and China with one child per family policy have managed to control their populations in contrast to the world's population of epidemic explosion. Imagine if the whole world acted in unison on just one thing like population control, emulating responsible countries like Japan and China, maybe the world would become truly unified and the United States could not walk away from world environmental concerns like the Kyoto Protocol. Maybe a greener and more healthy world would be possible if every country that ratified the Kyoto Protocol would boycott the United States with a no trade agreement to show the U.S. walkout of the Protocol would not be tolerated.

       Imagine if houses were built in components that generated so much electricity that they could share it with their neighbors and do away with the ugly overhead power lines and eliminate the power grids and their toxic polluting generating stations. What if only clean generating stations were needed to power electromagnetic trains and other forms of mass transportation and all heavy duty hauling and construction work was done by machinery built to burn carbon dioxide not expel it, what a breath of fresh air it would be. What if converting carbon dioxide into a cleaner burning bio-fuel than methanol resulted in all non-electric small vehicles like cars and trucks burning only clean fuels. What if technology and science became so exciting that the majority of incoming students were given free education to pursue careers in newly founded and publicly funded universities exclusively for discovering the secrets of the universe and enabling all sciences to interact together to make a sustainable cleaner and more healthy world to live in. What if trade and art schools were publicly funded and open to all the people that wanted to use their hands, muscles, and talents to design, create and build new functional objects like round hurricane and tornado proof living structures, subterranean homes utilizing the insulating earth to cool and warm maybe an upper ground level tornado proof art studio and recreation area, or even art itself used to propagate new designs for generating energy and inspiring new artists to light the way to creativity. Imagine how much lower the cost of insuring buildings would be if they were only allowed to be designed and built to withstand nature's turbulences and chaotic disturbances of the earth itself. What if we quit rebuilding the same old destroyed structures and demanded that life and property were far more valuable than a proven worthless and cost draining rebuilding of the same old-same old thing. Just imagine if we quit building great armies and armament and exporting these things to pacify, change and control other nations and instead invested all this money in furthering and protecting the minds and talents of our very citizens.

       Imagine news media that were independent of corporations and their board of directors were given a mandate to fully expose the truth from all sides in a non biased manner and they were fined for keeping secrets and telling lies. What if governments were truly made to serve all the people and not just the few and powerful in control of the purse strings and politics. Imagine if all our leaders were arrested, prosecuted, and sentenced in front of all the people by a nationwide forum for misleading us, keeping secrets from us, and profiteering from their service in office or position, oh what shame and corruption in the world would be exposed! Our leaders worldwide would think twice about using their positions and privileges to benefit themselves and others instead of the people to whom they owe their allegiances by oath of office. Nothing is too great a punishment for a person or persons that cause the loss and destruction from economic ruin, unnecessary war, and environmental damage that effects the well being of the great majority of a nation or the world. Imagine if the democracies that were built to serve the people were not abused and changed to benefit those in control, but were lit to burn a beacon of light for honesty, truth, and justice that was held sacred by all people and not meant to be trampled upon by a few.